You Should Be Right, but You’re Wrong.

It’s a sad state of affairs one finds oneself in when an organization that slaughters babies thinks too highly of the public’s moral compass. Our moral compass was broken on purpose. 

Romans 1 couldn’t be more clear about that. 

A new Planned Parenthood sting video was released. Those videos are old news though. Matt Damon got in trouble for making race-centered comments, so why worry ourselves about old news like killing and selling baby parts?

The video is posted below. There are not graphic images (even though abortion is graphic), however, the conversation is probably worse. I would almost prefer the images.

In the video simple normal conversations are had about selling baby brains and spines and even “go-nads”, yes, if you didn’t watch, they talk about selling “go-nads.” But again, the sting videos are old news. Who cares anymore?

Douglas Wilson provided a wonderful critique of this particular video:

The one miscalculation apparent in the video is that they appeared to think that any revelation of this could shut them down entirely. And it really should have by now. But while Planned Parenthood has had a very bad summer, and if it had been anyone else they would have been shut down, they did underestimate the depth of complicity in our ruling class. It turns out that they are not the only hypocrites.

In the video, women are concerned about the discrepancy of the conversations. Dr. Vanessa Cullins said, “This could destroy our company and us if we don’t have these conversations correctly.” 

Translation: We know what we are doing is vile, wicked, and immoral, thus it must be done in secrecy because if anyone were to find out it would be the end of us. 

The worst part in all this: she was wrong. 

Deb Vanderhei, the national director, revealed in the video that the “headlines would destroy” them. She was talking about “remuneration.” That’s a new word for my vocabulary. Thankfully, it was clarified without a Google search. It means “payment.” Payment for what? Well, you know, “go-nads.” That is all part of the word-play they are accustomed to using, but I have been there already:

That was a digression, getting back to the point, she was wrong. 

These women think too highly of the American public and the American political system. 

Even these women, the Nazi-like murderers that they are, were afraid that the American people would have a problem with their Nazi-like behavior. But we don’t. 

And that provides another opportunity for a shameless plug to my blog on the Gospel:

What’s going on here is the revelation of the heart-state of the American people. People need abortion. They love abortion. There is nothing in these videos that can change that. They should have already.

Planned Parenthood can let out a big sigh of relief. The game just got easy. They can now begin publicly broadcasting all they do. Tell people that babies born alive are left to die or suffocated. How do I know this? Because we all already know this. And people don’t care. 

Tell people you sell brains and go-nads. People don’t care. 

Tell people you murder babies in the womb. People don’t care. 

As long as Planned Parenthood exists to provide affordable murder for a culture obsessed with sex and violence, and are self-centered enough to avoid sexual consequences, it doesn’t matter what they reveal or do: we need them. 

All Planned Parenthood needs to do is to continue their “heavily edited videos” argument and then keep at it. People will keep coming. 

Women who want to party but don’t want to mommy will keep coming. 
Fathers who want to focus on only work and not care for a grandchild will keep bringing their daughters.
Mothers who want pedicures and not pediatricians will keep bringing their daughters.
Women who are raped who think the baby should be punished for the crime of the father will keep coming.
Boys who can afford to spend enough of their parents money to buy alcohol for house parties, but not enough for child support will keep coming.
Boys who want to live with a girl and use her body, but not live with the child her body was wonderfully designed to create, will keep bringing their girlfriends.
Boys who don’t think one woman is enough, and go too far with their dirty secrets, will keep bringing their secrets.

Our needs and our sexual behaviors are more important than our babies. Can we just be honest about it?

We don’t need legislation, we need new hearts. Legislation would be nice. It would be a great start and would save lives. Let’s pray for it. But the only thing the Bible teaches changes hearts is the Gospel. As long as we are afraid to bring the Gospel to the culture, often, loudly, proudly, and audibly, this regime will continue its onslaught on the American people. And the ones who survive it will fund the campaign. 

And it’s not because of ignorance about what’s actually going on; it’s in spite of what’s actually going on.

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