Floating On a Wet Marble

The woman in the video above is Sam Jones. Please watch it. I plan on telling Sam the “So What” part of her abortion testimony and follow up question. However, although Sam is a murderer and heartless about it, Sam is not alone. It is clear her thoughts in this video are reflections of a cultural mindset.  Thus, for the sake of the culture, let’s expose them. Line. by. line. 

1) I remember they showed us how to put a condom on a cucumber. 

  • To be clear, “us” means students and “they” means public school. This is a great introduction, it was the best way it could have possibly started. This is cutting right to the foundation. How is sex education working out? How are the public, secular-theocratic religious schools working? I almost didn’t post this because the word condom was so uncomfortable. However, why should it be when our children are playing with them in schools? An entire post should be dedicated to this, but let’s be clear, the religion of Secularism which is evangelizing the youth of the nation through their schools is certainly much to blame for why we are where we are. 

2) I didn’t listen, and that’s why I got pregnant. 

  • No, Sam got pregnant because she chose to have sex. She exercised the reproductive freedom she has, and she slept with a man. Her decision to engage in a behavior that was designed to create life is why she created a life. 

3) When I was 16 years old I went right to my mother and told her what was going on and after she smacked me she took me to get an abortion.

  • I mentioned this in my last blog. Parents of pregnant girls need abortion just as much as the pregnant girls. And that’s why it’s not going away. That mother is a murderer. 

4) That was a very, like, uncomfortable, weird, sinful, shameful thing that I lived with for such a long time.

  • Yes, child murder is sinful and it is shameful. That feeling is called conviction, it’s supposed to lead to repentance.
  • It is time to drop the propaganda that abortion is safe. It’s obviously not safe for the child who is being violently murdered. However, it’s not safe for mom either. The conviction, emotional turmoil, regret, and sorrow that so many women feel is immense, but it’s simply undocumented. Many women go through awful emotional pain after this decision. 

5) But then as I got older and started embracing the truth about reality and life that we are floating around the universe on a wet marble, I’m like, this isn’t really a big deal. 

  • This sentence is key, it is so important. This is where the contradictions begin. Notice here, she came to realize that because there is no God, she can do whatever she wants. This line is consistent Darwinism. However, she is not going to live this worldview out consistently. Her worldview is this: 

“Nothing but the material matter exists, we are accidents, which means all behavior is not a big deal.” 

However, as Romans 1 tells us, she won’t live that way consistently. 

    • The second problem with her conclusion is that God does exist. We are not in fact on a giant marble, and we couldn’t know that if we were. The God of the Bible is the necessary precondition for all ineligibility.

      Romans 1 teaches that all people know God exists. Sam knows it, and so does everyone else, and they are all without excuse for denying it. Romans 2 teaches that part of God’s moral law is written on man’s heart, and that goes back to that awful feeling she lived with after slaughtering her baby.

    • The third issue is that she did not come to embrace the truth about reality. Romans 1 teaches she ignored her conviction, her foolish heart was darkened and she exchanged the truth for a lie. She is an idolater who knows the truth but suppresses it in sin. What she experienced was not an epiphany about reality, what she experienced was the process of being given over by God. 

    6) If I got pregnant today I would definitely have to say that I would have an abortion because of where my career is right now it would just wouldn’t work for me to have a child right now. 

    • This is another very important line. Notice that all of the excuses that are thrown in Christian’s faces are absent from this. Sam is a murderer, she is not a victim. This is made even more obvious by 3 reasons in the video:

    1. There is no claim to ignorance. She called the baby “a child.” Sam knows it was a baby, a child, and so does every other woman and parent who kill them. They all know those children are more than tissue. They are not ignorant; they know exactly what they are doing. 
    2. She doesn’t use rape as her excuse; it’s not about rape.
    3. She would not abort a baby because of  trauma. She admits it would be for her career. She would kill her child simply because she wouldn’t be comfortable with a child. That’s a great reason not to have sex, it’s no excuse for murder. 

    It’s time to drop the emotional appeals. A majority of women who walk through Planned Parenthood’s doors are Sams. They are not rape victims, or ignorant to the crime, they are women who want to have sex and not deal with the consequences, or boyfriends who want the same, or parents who also want the same.

    Now this is exactly what I mentioned in my last blog. Pro-abortion advocates don’t have to lie. They can stop pretending they think the baby is clump of cells. They can stop pretending that abortion is all about rape victim’s rights. 

    They can be more like Sam. They can call it a child, have consensual sex, and kill the beautiful creation from that union for reasons of selfish, personal comfort. They can be honest, because there are more depraved minds than transformed ones. We are outnumbered. Enough people want and love abortion for the same reasons as Sam; honesty would be a breath of fresh air for them. No one who is pro-abortion is mad at Sam for this video because they know, deep down, this is the real face of abortion. The American people love this sin. 

    7) It is not a sin to have an abortion.

    • Yes it is. it is a vile, violent, awful sin. 
    • Of course the worldview that says we are all star-dust, fish-accidents stuck on a wet marble believe this. Notice the length one must go to deny sin. To deny sin, one must first deny God, and then when God is gone, all good and evil are gone with Him. Thus, abortion can’t be sin because nothing can be sin when we are all complicated pond-scum accidents flying around on our random wet marble.

    8) What’s a sin is bringing a child in this world that will not be cared for properly.

    • Contradiction alert 3: What happened to the whole “We are on a wet marble so nothing is a big deal” argument? What could “sin” possibly be in that worldview? Welcome to Romans 1 again, no one can live a non-christian life consistently. The unbelieving worldview must reject morality with their mouths, but then live as if it exists. Apparently Sam’s worldview says that since we are on a giant marble, the things she does aren’t a big deal, but the things others do could be since they are on this flying marble with her. She denied sin and then condemned a behavior as sin. It’s absurd

    • The second problem is Sam already brought a child in this world and she already didn’t care for him/her properly. She already brought a child in the world and intentionally mistreated it.
    • Notice the absurd logic. Sam thinks a child being mistreated is awful, so her response is to rip it’s head off…or burn it…or flush it. In other words, she does not want a child to be abused, so violently murdering the child is the best option to avoid abusing it or not taking care of it. If abortion isn’t mistreating a child then quite literally nothing is. This insane logic is espoused all the time. People will actually argue for the need of abortion because some people can’t care for a child. What’s wrong with not being able to care for a child? Is it that the child might…die?? In other words, don’t bring a child in the world because mom might let it die, instead kill it. That’s like not showing up to take a test because if you show up you might fail the test. Newsflash: if you don’t show up you will fail the test. If someone doesn’t want children to be harmed they need to be pro-life, because abortion always harms a child lethally and horrifically.

    9) And it’s a sin to even put your body even through the birthing process when it’s something that you don’t want. 

    • Contradiction alert 2There Sam goes telling people what is and is not acceptable to do with their bodies while making a video where the thesis is that no one can tell Sam what is and is not acceptable to do with her own body. 
    • And what was that whole thing about being on a wet marble again? If that’s all reality is, then there is no sin. Abortion is acceptable, but so is forcing women to have babies. So is rape. So is anything that any human being wants to do to Sam and her body. And if Sam doesn’t like it, then maybe she has more reality to embrace. It’s just a “wet marble” Sam, if someone hurts you, “it doesn’t really matter.” Those are your words.”
    • Lastly, the birthing process is a miracle, and an incredible and profound gift of God. A women’s body is able to create, nurture, protect, grow, and birth a live human being. That’s a wonderful design, and it’s offensive to call it anything else. 

    10) Now nobody is going to tell me what to do with my body. NOBODY!

    • Contradiction alert 3: Nobody is going to tell Sam what to do, unlike Sam in #9 telling pro-life women what they can’t do.
    • Contradiction alert 4: In other words, Sam is telling other people what they can’t do, and that message says that they can’t tell her what to do. While we are on this flying wet marble, I am not allowed to use my body (my mind and tongue) to control Sam’s behavior. However, Sam can use her body (mind and tongue) to control my body and prevent me from controlling her. It’s the kind of insane self-refutations that a non-christian worldview is forced to adapt and blind to see. 
    • Sam commits the same lie that most pro-abortion advocates commit when discussing this, she claimed that the choice for abortion involves “her body.” Certainly her body is involved, but it is not only her body involved, and, she is assuming particular rights about her body in the first place. Thus, this statement really has within it two separate lies:  

    1. It’s not her body, it’s her baby’s body. Sam was not aborted. Sam was not burned, ripped to shreds, or flushed down a toilet. Sam’s head was not ripped off her body and then sold as “fetal tissue.” It’s the babies body. And she knows that. She called it a child earlier.
    2. Her actual body belongs to God. Jesus owns everything (Colossians 1). It is not her body; it’s God’s. And it’s supposed to be a temple; a living sacrifice. However, it is now a synagogue for Satan.

      So you had an abortion Sam, so what? 

      You’re now in sin. You’re now guilty of murder. You are now the mother of a dead child. You now have blood on your hands. However, here is the best part of the so what: Christ’s blood runs deeper than your babies. The blood of Christ is wide enough and deep enough to cover the blood on your hands. Abortion can be forgiven. You can be reconciled; you can be redeemed. You are currently under the wrath of God and will be judged for all you have done. However, if you repent of your sins and place faith in Christ Jesus, the crucified and resurrected King, you can be justified before a holy God. 

      And if you are justified, you will get to spend eternity in Heaven in the glorious presence of the very Maker of this wet flying marble you find yourself on. 

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