Bill Nye Part IV: Closing the Curtain on the Science Guy

It’s time to close the curtain on Bill Nye’s abortion blunder. It’s time to put the final nail in the coffin. 
Perhaps it’s time to move on to other things, as Bill said, “more important” things, specifically he said there are “so many more important things to deal with, so many more problems.” Like? 

What could possibly be more important than dead babies? What could possibly be more important than dead infants? This claim presupposes what has yet to be proved: abortion is NOT the killing of an innocent baby. 

Because if it is (and it is), then there is almost nothing more important than that. The United States and a majority of Her citizens have systematically legalized and funded the ruthless murder of millions of children. We are Nazi Germany, only worse. How could anything be said to be more important? 

The ironic thing is anything that claims to be more important is going to be done so on the grounds of protecting life.

Is the economy important? Why? What’s wrong with an economy that goes under? Will people suffer and die or something? 

Is the environment important? Why? What’s wrong with not taking care of our environment? Will people suffer and die or something? 

Well guess what happens in 100% of all abortions? People suffer and die. 

What’s even more troubling is that issues like the environment and the economy are often argued as important issues because it’s said that that if we don’t take care of these things now, our children will. 

I hope you see the irony: when did we start caring about our children? We certainly didn’t when we legalized their murder and sold their bodies. 

Apparently, we need to ignore the issue of abortion and let children suffer and die legally, so that we can address important issues where people might suffer and die. 

That’s the logic the science guy is offering folks. Remember, he has a PhD. You better listen. 

Apparently one of the important issues that trumps baby murder is abstinence. Since given his last statement that nobody likes abortion (which seems odd if there is nothing morally wicked about it), his goal is to “respect the facts” and admit that “abstinence isn’t effective“. Would Bill Nye like to do a comparison study of premarital pregnancies and/or teen pregnancies between modern society and that of the Puritans? 

Abstinence is effective provided its presented and grounded in the worldview that provides it in the first place. Of course it doesn’t make sense when it’s squeezed into a biased, secular, anti-Jesus education system where kids spend most of their week before returning to a secular home. A dab of biblical righteousness is not the answer. 
I expect the swine to trample the pearls. Resurrection doesn’t make very much sense outside of the context of the Christian worldview either. 

There ought not to be a call to abstinence education, but to Christian education. There needs to be a call to Gospel living in the home and in the public. And it’s in that objective, sound, worldview, that provides the imago Dei and value of the body that abstinence takes on new life. 

That worldview does in fact, and has historically, always provided a healthy environment. Look at all the places Christianity has touched and look at what kind of nations you’re talking about. 

This certainly flies in the face of Nye’s claim that “Closing abortion clinics, not giving women access to birth control has not been an effective way to lead to a healthier society.” Nye is a big fan of the false-dichotomy, as there are plenty of places a woman can get birth control that don’t sell baby livers. However, notice what Nye has failed to provide: A robust, consistent, meaningful worldview that can provide the objective standard of “healthy”. What does it mean for a society to be healthy? Who gets to decide that? 

Right now the American flag is dripping in baby blood. We have slaughtered millions of babies, legally, and continue to fight tooth and nail for that “right”. And Nye is saying that walking around our country’s streets knee high in a current of blood and floating fetal parts is a healthy place to be, provided we are complacent with it. What worldview could possibly define America as healthy? It’s truly an astonishing worldview. And by astonishing I mean wicked. 

Nye leaves us all with a plea. He asks all of his listeners to not pursue anti-abortion laws. On what basis? On the basis that they are “in nobody’s best interest“.

I can think of over 55 million people and counting who would find these laws in their best interest. 

However, admittedly, they can’t testify to that, because we killed them. 

They’re dead. 

But wait, there are more important things to talk about.

..well..there is one: The Gospel. 

All discussions about sin are discussions about Gospel. Abortion is not a political issue; it’s a sin issue, and since it’s a sin issue, it’s a Gospel issue. 

The Gospel is what God has done for sinners, to conquer it and reconcile His people to His Son Christ Jesus. And it is that Gospel message that yields the power to open blinded eyes, reconcile souls, and restore the murderers to the One who was murdered, but came back. 

Not only did He come back, He is coming back again. And a nation with as much blood on Her hands as ours should be in constant prayer of national repentance, because Jesus hates the hands that shed innocent blood. 

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