Without Reason for Surprise

Today the headlines broke out all over. David Daleiden has been indicted. Daleiden is the man behind the secret footage videos of Planned Parenthoods across the nation selling their dismembered babies. The man who exposed the sin and brought it to light is the one getting in trouble; he is the criminal. All the while, Planned Parenthood employees laugh at his strife while freely, with tax-payer dollars, continuing their work of butchering babies. 

I have to admit, I was surprised to find out that Mr. Daleiden was the one on trial. I was quickly reminded of the foolishness of my surprise; I should have known better. 

Pastor R.C. Sproul Jr. posted this on his Facebook account:

Why the shock over David Daleiden’s indictment? It’s the same justice system that for 43 years has approved murdering babies.

Why did I expect these videos to bring about some kind of moral compass? These videos may have been revelation to some of the American people, but the information was nothing new. Perhaps the profit behind selling baby parts was new, but does that really matter? The issue is that there are baby parts at all. Whether they are being sold or not is not the ultimate issue, the issue is that babies are being murdered, under our flag, next to our churches, in our communities, legally. 

Why would the government and the American people, who have been happy to approve the onslaught of millions of tiny babies for over four decades not indict Daledein for causing a ripple in their pond? 

We have no reason to be surprised; it should have been expected. Daledein signed up for this when he began his project. And I think he knew that. I think he knew this was a suicide mission; it was a kamikaze strike, and that’s why I say one more time God bless David Daleiden. 

However, as I soaked in the bleakness of these not-so-surprising state of affairs, and began my nightly ritual, I opened up Spurgeon’s devotional. 

I have made it a habit of reading Spurgeon every morning and every night. Before this night, I had some catching up to do. And as I laid my head on my pillow, preparing to fall asleep and rise again in a world of darkness, I read this glimmer of light: 

If Jesus has done such marvelous things on your behalf, you will feel that Heaven itself is not too great for your expectation. Who can be astonished at anything, when he has once been astonished at the manger and the cross?

Suddenly I found myself in a bizarre place. On the one hand, I was chided for being surprised at the indictment of a righteous man, and reminded I am truly without reason to be surprised. Then, at the turn of a page, I was also reminded that God has done things, both in me and outside of me, that I truly could never imagine could or would be done. In other words, He has constantly surprised me, and thus, in the very same way, when it comes to my expectations in regards to Christ’s workings, I still am without reason to be surprised. 

When I look at what Christ did for me, when I gaze upon the Scripture’s reminders of what He did in history for sinners, I am left with nothing more to be surprised at.

I now float belly up in waters that give me no room to be surprised in any direction. Although I have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to man’s depravity; I have learned to not be surprised at the depths man can go, I simultaneously need to be reminded at the heights God can climb. I need to be reminded to also not be surprised at where God is willing to go, what He is willing to do, and how much He is willing to accomplish in history through His people. 

Can this fight be won? Can abortion be ended? Can the Gospel triumph? You may say that’s a long-shot. You may say something to the extent of, “I would be surprised.” 

Well, look in the mirror child of God; you serve the God of long-shots. 

Remember who you were. Remember that Jesus actually describes the salvation of man as not a long-shot, but as an impossibility (Matthew 19: 24-26). Your accomplished salvation was impossible to accomplish. So yes, it would be surprising to end abortion; but do not tarry into battle; do not grow weary in the fight, for you serve a God just full of surprises.  

Thus, when we win this, a surprise it really shouldn’t be.

Remember the Lord Christian; do not forget the God you serve. 

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