Abortion and the Zika Virus

My social media was flooded yesterday. In the wake of the news that the Zika Virus is now in the United States, late term abortions have now been the topic of conversation.

As the Zika virus is known to affect children if the carrier is a pregnant woman, the question on everyone’s mind apparently has been whether or not the Zika Virus is a good reason to have an abortion. And not only abortion in general, but most Americans believe it’s an excuse to have a late-term abortion. As a Christian, I view all abortions equally horrific. But, there is no doubt that some are more obviously horrific.

Everyone knows that dropping a bomb is easier than stabbing. Although both accomplish the same purpose, it’s easier to hide from reality without all the blood. Some

This murdered baby was killed at only 1o weeks. See more here.

abortions can’t be seen. They are still wicked and evil;
they are still
murder, but I understand how
it is easy for
the wicked to pretend like there
is nothing going
on. That is why
the STAT
researchers were able to conclude, 

“Generally, the vast majority of Americans oppose late-term abortions. In a separate poll conducted a week earlier by STAT and Harvard, only 23 percent said they favored allowing a woman to obtain an abortion after 24 weeks — when the question did not raise the possibility of microcephaly.

Even people who are pro-murder typically are against it when the pieces of the baby end up in a petri-dish. The human victim by this time (long before this time actually) is so much developed, these abortions do involve the kind of torture and violence most are only accustomed to seeing in horror films. These abortions, legal in the Great U. S. of A., involve crushing the babies skull, ripping legs and arms off, burning it, or sucking the brain through a vacuum. Sometimes, the child will even respond to the pain.

That’s horrific. That’s true horror, true torture; and it is murder. And most Americans are OK with it, provided the baby is sick.

Let’s rephrase the situation and be more specific: Most Americans believe that having a sick baby gives the mother a Constitutional right to murder the baby in a violent way.

I am glad my mom never applied that logic to my many child hood illnesses…

I want to address this in two parts: the absurdity and the irony.

The Absurdity

How insane is the logic that if a child is sick, it looses its life? Why do we have hospitals? Does not the purpose of a hospital serve the exact opposite ideology, that when humans are sick, we try to save them?

When did it become moral to kill a child because someone other than the child decided the sickness the child has isn’t worth living through?

Why do we weep when children die of cancer? Shouldn’t our response, according to the Zika logic, be “Thank goodness. Sick children really should be dead. No mother wants the burden of a sick child.”

We fight tooth and nail to save sick children, unless they are in the womb. That is terrible absurdity. And make no mistake about it, Jesus will judge that sin. He will judge, justly, that insane logic, and that bloodthirsty heart.

Proverbs 6: 16-17, “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, fa lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood…”

The Irony

Notice the irony of the logic at hand: murder the baby, because the baby will be sick anyway.

Let’s work backwards: 

Why is it bad that a baby is sick? Is not the primary reason, it may die?

The reason sickness is terrible is because it leads to loss of life, how then, can we possibly solve the problem, by immediately referring to the very consequence we are trying to avoid?

Doctor: “Well, the baby is going to be very sick.”
Mom: “So what? What’s wrong with that?”
Doctor: “Well, the virus may kill the baby.”
Mom: “Oh no! What should I do in order to prevent that tragedy?”
Doctor: “I would recommend killing the baby.”

Perhaps the logic behind the survey is not the death of the child (which should be the primary concern), but instead is the selfish sympathy for the mother not wanting to care for a sick child. 

Again, why would that entitle her to murder, and why does this logic only apply to the womb?

Notice, to admit the baby is sick is to admit its a baby. Your fingernails don’t get sick. People get sick. So why, when the person in the womb is sick, do we think it is acceptable to kill the person, when the person outside of the womb who is sick has rights?

Suppose the single mom of a six year old, after finding out her six year old has cancer, doesn’t know how she will be able to have the time (while working two jobs) or the money to start treatments.
That’s a tough situation right? That’s a hard spot right? Can that mom murder her six year old?

If your answer is no, ask yourself why you don’t apply that very same logic to abortion.

If your answer is yes, repent and believe in Jesus. 

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