5 Things To Pray For In the Wake of the Dylan Roof Verdict

As expected, white-supremacist Dylan Roof was found guilty on multiple charges for the horrific murder of nine innocent people during a prayer meeting within their local church. 

There are 4 very important responses from Christians during this time:

1) Thank God for justice.

As we know, justice is not always served here on earth. It does seem clear that the jury was correct in this case. Thus, we must thank God that justice has been served in the guilty verdict. We must also now pray that the sentence will be just as well.

2) Pray for Dylan Roof’s salvation

The Bible is clear we must pray for our enemies. As wicked and horrible as Dylan Roof is, Jesus calls anger within our hearts murder. All of us are murderers to one extant or the other, yet God’s grace reached into our filth and rescued us. No one is deserving, not Dylan Roof, not even you. Thus, we, as redeemed rebels, have all the reason to pray for this young man’s salvation.

3) Pray for the victim’s families.

Although it has been a long time now, wounds this deep do not heal quickly. Especially during the case were the memories are reopened and examined. While the families may be rejoicing over the verdict, they are certainly hurting in light of the case, so we must pray for the families and friends involved. That includes Mr. Roof’s family. How difficult a position they must be in.

4) Pray for racial reconciliation.

It is clear this is an issue our country is struggling with. The elections made this clear as well. We must pray for racial harmony in this nation.

5) Pray for the defense attorneys.

It must have been very difficult to defend a man like Dylan Roof. Many people would probably like to chastise these men for even trying. 

However, we must not be quick to forget that although there are easy cases like Roof’s, there are many more difficult ones. Our justice system is not perfect, there are innocent people caught in the machine. However, the best thing for all these innocent people are capable lawyers ready to fight for them. These defense attorneys are evil today, but heroes tomorrow. We as Christians are not allowed those double standards. 

Living in a fallen society makes a justice system a hard thing, but one of our great accomplishments is the guarantee that someone will fight for you. 

Roof’s attorneys specifically were in a very tough position. We must pray for their conscience, for their salvation, and thank God for people like them. 

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