Christians and Trump’s Immigration Ban

The current drama on T.V. screens everywhere is an all new set of protests against President Trump.

Trump recently signed an executive order restricting people in certain countries from immigrating to America.

The decision has sparked national outrage, and people are protesting in cities all over the nation.

I will admit, the title of this blog might be considered click-bait. The purpose of this blog is not to give my personal insight on the issue. In fact, the only personal thing I will add is the exhortation of Christians to think biblically about this issue rather than politically. Let the Bible determine your politics.

The issue has, as politics understandably tend to do in America, generally been split between the two parties. In general, conservatives like what Trump has done and liberals do not. It will be a temptation for all of us to dive head first into the political stream we already align with. However, I have seen Christians debate this online, and I do think it is more sophisticated of an issue than meets the eye, and it requires more than to simply side with those you usually side with.

There are good arguments, from Christians, on both sides defending either the moral principle of protecting borders and citizens alike, or that it is very unbiblical to deny people from seeking shelter in a land where they will experience capitalism, freedom; and likely, the Gospel.

Make up your mind and defend it well, but make up your mind about the Text, caring more about God’s opinion over those who whose favorite animals are elephants or donkeys.

That being said, I would like to point out a serious hypocrisy I have noticed within the Secular-progressive movement.

Many non-Christians are trying to use the Bible against their Christian counter-parts to get them on their side of Trump’s executive order.

Secularists are actually quoting Bible verses which seem to support open-border policies, and they then accuse Christians of hypocrisy for not practicing those texts.

What is truly hypocritical is that Secularists suddenly care about Christians being biblical.

When did following every verse in the Bible suddenly start to matter to them? When did the Bible become an authority the Secular culture wants Christians to believe in?

Many of them have cited Leviticus 19 to support the open border ideology. Thus, I would like to ask the Secularists if they want the State to follow Leviticus only three chapters later.

Leviticus 20: 13, “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

What if Christians supported the State taking in all immigrants, but also wanted to treat homosexuality as a capital offense, you know, in the name of consistency. Would that sudden consistency satisfy the Secularists? Certainly not.

Without any theological presentation of how Christians discuss the applicability of O.T. Law, Secular-progressives copy and paste Moses to their Facebook pages expecting Christians to follow him like his words are relevant or something. Yet, there are plenty of other verses that will bring nothing but bigotry and insults upon the Christian who seeks to follow them consistently and plainly too.

If a Christian believes a wife ought to submit to her husband as her head (Colossians 3:18), or refuses to let a woman be a pastor in the local church (1 Timothy 2:12), that Christian is a misogynist.
If a Christian believes that marriage should be exclusively for one man and one woman (Matthew 19: 4-6), or that homosexuality is a serious sin against God (Romans 1: 24-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9), that Christian is a homophobic bigot.
If a Christian believes that abortion is murder (Psalm 51:5, Matthew 5: 21-22), that Christian is an anti-woman extremist.
If a Christian believes there is a hell (Matthew 10: 28) and that all those who die apart from Christ will go there (John 8:24), that Christian is a fundamentalist.
If a Christian believes that there was a global flood (Genesis 6), or that the earth was created in six literal days (Genesis 1), that Christian is anti-science.

But if a Christian believes in an open-border, they’re suddenly just being biblical.

Secularists have been fighting tooth and nail for decades trying to force orthodox, conservative, Christians into a subjective, post-modern Christianity, wherein Christians must explain away, or out right ignore texts that do not fit well with progressive ideology. From contraception, to premarital sex, to female pastors, to gay marriage, to transgenderism, to abortion, to homosexuality, to Islam, etc., Secular-progressives want nothing more than for Christians to ignore and sweep the Bible under the rug.

But now that Donald Trump has stopped immigration from a handful of countries… well now the Bible matters. And not just the Bible, but specifically the Mosaic Levitical Law, one of the most mocked and insulted books in all of holy Scripture.

As it stands, if you’re a Christian, these are the rules you are now required by our Secular culture to play by:

“Whenever the Bible disagrees with secular thought, explain it away or reject it altogether. However, if the Bible happens to say something the Secular culture likes, you must not be a hypocrite, and you must believe it with all your heart!”

Christian: What Trump is doing matters. What this administration does over the next four years matters. Politics matter. Our charge, however, is to think, not with open-minds, but with open Bibles.

Have conversations, pray about how the Lord expects us to regard these things. However, the conversations need to happen between Christians. 

The unbelieving world is in no place to try and lecture us about poor exegesis of the biblical text.

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