Evidence and the Heathen Heart

A few weeks ago I saw the movie Life. I must say, it was a bit of a disappointment. The star-studded cast delivered, and the overall movie was thrilling; but, for reasons beyond the scope of this blog, it did not live up to the potential I believe it had.

However, I did find one thing interesting, and that began some rabbit-trail musings about the nature of evidence in our world today.

The basic plot of the movie is that astronauts find life on Mars. A dirt sample they study was found to contain a single-celled, microscopic organism.

They cannot deem it life until it shows signs of life. The second this microscopic, single celled, blob slightly twitches, the astronauts  rejoice! They call it life.

They send word to earth, everyone on the planet begins talking about the first discovered alien life-form.

And the irony stated in the meme above could not escape my mind from that moment on. Good thing that little amoeba was not in a pro-choice mother’s womb. Then earth would have been very disappointed to find out their martian hero was nothing more than an inconvenience that Planned Parenthood can discard for a few hundred bucks.

However, the movie pushed the irony further. Because, as we know, the “fetus is not a human being” position  is a dying argument. It is no longer defensible, and it is far more common for the pro-abortion apologist to admit it is a living human, and kill it anyway in the name of “reproductive freedom” or even “small government.”

However, the irony was not just that the movie called it life, but that the crew of the ship celebrated it, loved it, and at all costs wanted to protect it, simply on the basis that it was life.

Although this is a movie, one would be hard pressed to prove this would not be the exact response of real astronauts were a single-celled, moving, living, growing, amoeba found on Mars. We would not only call single-celled organisms on Mars life, we would treat them as such. However babies with heartbeats, and fingers, and their own unique DNA are decapitated at a reasonable price down here on Earth. And this got me thinking about the nature of evidence in general.

It is amazing how the scientific evidence affirming what the Bible says about life in the womb has had little to no impact on people who love baby death.

People say abortions were easier to have before we understood prenatal development, and before we had sonograms. But we do understand prenatal development with unbelievable accuracy, and we now have sonograms, which allow us to see living, growing, moving human beings inside a woman’s body. Yet, abortion is more available now then ever.

Abortions are just as high a demand, and have garnished just as much support now, if not more, than they ever have before.

This is similar to the debate around evolution. Many who deny macro-evolution will admit that it was more plausible in Darwin’s day. I have often heard that Darwin understood almost nothing about the cell. As far as he knew, it was nothing more than a blob of something. That simple understanding made it easier to believe the cell to be malleable. If the cell is Play-Do, dinosaurs can become birds easy, just ask a 5 year old.

But as it turns out, the microscope has shown us that the cell is not Play-Do, it is an intricate machine. We do understand the cell now. And it is true that it is so complex and machine-like that Darwin’s hopes and dreams are dashed upon the rocks of irreducible complexity. Yet, evolution is more popular than ever.

The killer question is this: What has all this evidence done?

It has proved what the Bible says about human hearts. It has demonstrated and reinforced what we already know to be true. A heart at rebellion against God will go to any length to rebel. Evidence is not a key which turns the hearts of unbelievers and opens them up to truth. Instead, evidence is just a further tool the unbeliever snatches, contorts, and manipulates to further their rebellion against the God they know exists.

The heathen attempts to construct a worldview the way one builds a wooden canoe. They think they have finished the job, despite their boat’s ragged and asymmetrical appearance. Their boat has many flaws and inconsistencies, and it is constantly filling with water as they find themselves frantically paddling with their bare hands away from the Fountainhead of all goodness.

Many Christians will provide the unbeliever with 2×4 wooden planks in the hopes that the unbeliever would patch up the holes. They think the unbeliever can simply plug in some holes and we will all be on the same page.

But instead of making repairs, the unbeliever leans over the side and uses those boards as oars, hastening his futile attempts of escape.

And that silly analogy, that fallible parable, is exactly what is happening. Christians attempt to hand piecemeal evidences to the unbeliever hoping they will use them to fix the inconsistencies in their worldview, hoping these individual pieces of evidences will be used to plug away the holes, and help them build a boat more consistent with the reality around us.

But when we do this, we neglect the nature of the sinking sailor we are speaking to. We think too highly of their spiritual condition.

The evidence around today further demonstrates this. The amazing machine-like complexity of the cell, and the complex informational language found in DNA has done nothing for the skeptic.


The incredible discoveries of heart beats, cellular activity, and stimuli responses of the growing people inside a mother’s womb have done nothing for the abortion glutton.

The manuscript evidence and historical backbone for the resurrection of Christ has done nothing for the Muslim. And so on and so on…

Ironically, the evidences of the Christian worldview should be proving more to the Christian than they are to the non-Christian. For they further reaffirm what we already believe: The evidence is all around everyone, all the time (Romans 1: 18-20). They simply do not care (Romans 1: 21-25).

So it is that non-Christians do not need to simply add additional facts to their worldview; they need to repent of their worldview. They need to abandon ship, and take refuge in the God of all comforts and mercy.

So might I add, when approaching the frantically sinking heathen from within the luxury of your yacht, do not be quite so anxious to hand over wood, hammers, nails, and other tools.

In lieu of handing them supplies, simply point out to them that water is filling their boat, and invite them on board.

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