Bernie Sanders is an Ignorant Bigot

A new video is going viral, exposing the ignorance and bigotry of former presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Russel Vought was nominated by Donald Trump to be Deputy Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. Sanders voted no in regards to Mr. Vought’s nomination, and his bigoted and ignorant reasoning for this is as follows:

The Constitution

As Al Mohler already stated on The Briefing, what Senator Sanders did in that vote was a direct violation of the Constitution. He not so subtly insinuated that a religious test is in fact required to serve in an office. And the religious test Bernie Sanders wants to impose would exclude Christians from serving in the white house at all. By the secularists own standards, by their own definition of words, that is called bigotry. That’s called intolerance. Bernie Sanders is a bigot.

And his bigotry cannot be talked about without seeing the irony in it all. Sanders voted no because Mr. Vought is a Christian, and his reasoning was that anyone who holds to Christian beliefs, in this case Mr. Vought, is someone “who is not what this country is supposed to be about.” The irony is thick enough to choke on. A man who is directly violating this country’s Constitution, and discriminating against a person for holding religious views that are, and always have been, the majority views of the nation, is lecturing someone else about not being what this country is about.

This country “is about” upholding the Constitution.

This country is made up of predominately professing Christians.

This country has always been a majority Christian country.

This country is about the free exercise of religion.

Certainly, Bernie Sanders is the one who is “not what this country is supposed to be about.” Thus, by Sanders’ own standards, he has disqualified himself from his position in the Senate.


Bernie Sanders is legitimately shocked that Christians actually believe they are right… Who woulda thunk? How drastically ignorant does someone have to be in order to flirt with the idea that thinking Muslims are wrong about Jesus is “Islamaphobia”?

However, what Senator Sanders did not even realize was that the very group he was trying to defend, he actually attacked.

Sanders’ criticism of the Bible is that it is “Islamaphobic” because we think Jesus is necessary for salvation. And since the Muslims degrade Jesus and reject His claims, they are not saved. Apparently, that is “Islamaphobia.”

However, does Bernie Sanders really not have a clue about Islam’s most basic teachings? According to Islam, Christians are going to hell too. As a matter of fact, Christians are guilty of committing Shirk, which is the unforgivable sin of Islam, and worthy of most punishment in hell. They believe we commit Shirk because we worship Jesus, who they say is not God.

By Bernie Sanders’ own admission, a Muslim could never hold a public office because Muslims are “Christophobic.” And I double-dog dare him to admit that out-loud, in public. He would not do that. Thus, we find Sanders’ double-standard is rearing its ugly head.

Only Christians are not allowed to condemn others, other faith groups are free to condemn as they please.

And that exposes the other inconsistency of it all, that is, Bernie condemning a man for condemning other people.

Bernie Sanders’ worldview differs from others because it does not have a hell for the condemned, not because it lacks the condemned altogether. He has plenty of universal condemnations and accusations of sin to go around, ask any capitalist. Ask Russel Vought.

Religious Plurality

Perhaps the primary issue with all of this is the incredible ignorance it takes to assume that the religious freedom this country stands for (unless your’re a Christian baker or wedding photographer), and the religious plurality this country prides itself in, both mean that all religions must be considered true.

It is an inexcusable ignorance for a Senator, and a Presidential nominee, to think that religious freedom means that everyone must change their religions to promote the truth of  contrary ones. That is not only non-sensible, but it denies the very religious freedom it is pretending to be a protector of.

The Bible is and has always been unequivocally clear that Jesus is the only way a person can be saved (John 6: 35-44; 10: 9; 14: 6, 1 John 2: 23). The Bible’s teaching that those who get Jesus wrong (Muslims, Jews, and Secularists alike) will die in their sins, and then face the wrath of God in hell for the just and due penalty of their sins (John 8:24; Matthew 10: 28) has always been perspicuous.

And America’s Constitution has never once meant that Christians must reject the Bible, and stop being Christians, in order to be Christians. Bernie Sanders thinks the only way to be a Christian is to not be a Christian.

Religious freedom does not mean that Jews and Muslims cannot tell me I am wrong about Jesus, and it does not mean that I cannot tell Jews and Muslims they are wrong about Jesus. And it certainly does not therefore mean that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all excluded from public office for thinking each other wrong, all so Secularists can exclusively hold those seats, while thinking that we are all wrong. And it is terrifying that the Orwellian totalitarianism has risen to such a height in this country, that we almost had a POTUS who thinks otherwise.

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