To Stand Or Not to Stand?

Colin Kaepernick has recently created a national media firestorm. If you have not heard, he has recently decided to no longer stand during the pre-game National Anthems. His reason for doing so is that he feels blacks in America are being systematically oppressed, and therefore, it goes against his conscience to show respect for the nation’s flag that is doing that, or at least turning … Continue reading To Stand Or Not to Stand?

The Sign of Jonah

Matthew 12: 38-42, “Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, ‘Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you.’ But he answered them, ‘An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the … Continue reading The Sign of Jonah

Chelsea Handler Brags About Murdering Her Children

After the SCOTUS ruling over the Texas abortion regulations, the topic of abortion has been in the news again. One story that was particularly horrific that was buzzing on social media was the alleged comedian Chelsea Handler coming out about past abortions. And by coming out, I mean boldly boasting and bragging about the murder of two children; her own children. She wrote an essay usmagazine provided … Continue reading Chelsea Handler Brags About Murdering Her Children

Columbus Day & Darwin

  The Irony  We live in a nation of unbelievers who, on one hand, hate Columbus for his genocide, yet, they turn around and vote to keep genocide “safe and legal.” Assuming Columbus was a mass murdering lover of genocide, he doesn’t hold a candle to 60 million. Our nation is a nation of genocide still. We still love to slaughter innocent people. Only now … Continue reading Columbus Day & Darwin

Columbus Day: Christianity, Christopher and Children

I have written before on the dangers of Christians who think politically and not biblically. Issues in this country tend to take the hard sides of Liberal VS Conservatives. The danger can be a kind of political persuasion where Christians end up fearing political treason more than biblical infidelity. Peter tells the civil magistrate of his day “we must obey God rather than men,” and … Continue reading Columbus Day: Christianity, Christopher and Children

Guns, Abortion, and the Death Penalty

Before beginning, I would like to declare this a disagreement free zone. No reader is permitted to disagree with any portion of this blog. Inappropriate Comparisons Many around the country are hearing about the shootings of Christians at a college in Oregon. Pray for Oregon. Of course, people are taking no time to turn this in to a gun-rights debate. That’s a horse my arms … Continue reading Guns, Abortion, and the Death Penalty

Remembering the 3%

Except for your baby… Planned Parenthood (PP) and all her ilk are notorious for rephrasing. They are very good at making what they do and who they are more palatable by calling it something different. Connotations mean something in the English language. The way words are used, even if true, can be emotionally and even intellectually distracting. And PP is very good with distracting language.For … Continue reading Remembering the 3%

Laws and Lions

Jesus made an amazing statement after the hard-hearted Pharisees committed the one sin that would plunge them to hell forever (hence unforgivable). The Pharisees accused Him of being a demon Himself. They accused Him of this because they had no other explanation (outside of the truth) for His ability to cast out demons with personal authority. Jesus pointed out their logical contradiction. He said, “If a … Continue reading Laws and Lions

Mary, Law, and the Hypostatic Union: Two Questions for “Christians” Who Support Abortion

This post is specifically addressed to people who profess to be Christians but support abortion. Two important questions need to be asked: Which part of God’s revelation do you deny to support the practice abortion: the Trinity or the Law? Up to what point in her pregnancy could Mary have had a lawful abortion?  In regards to question one, one of those two things must … Continue reading Mary, Law, and the Hypostatic Union: Two Questions for “Christians” Who Support Abortion