Columbus Day & Darwin

  The Irony  We live in a nation of unbelievers who, on one hand, hate Columbus for his genocide, yet, they turn around and vote to keep genocide “safe and legal.” Assuming Columbus was a mass murdering lover of genocide, he doesn’t hold a candle to 60 million. Our nation is a nation of genocide still. We still love to slaughter innocent people. Only now … Continue reading Columbus Day & Darwin

Laws and Lions

Jesus made an amazing statement after the hard-hearted Pharisees committed the one sin that would plunge them to hell forever (hence unforgivable). The Pharisees accused Him of being a demon Himself. They accused Him of this because they had no other explanation (outside of the truth) for His ability to cast out demons with personal authority. Jesus pointed out their logical contradiction. He said, “If a … Continue reading Laws and Lions


In at least two of his debates, Dan Barker has attempted to refute the presuppositonalist challenge to his worldview that it cannot account for the unchanging, immaterial, universal logical laws that govern the debate itself. He makes this claim against Rev. Joe boot here. He again makes it in his debate with Dr. James White here. I think he may even make it in this debate here.  The … Continue reading Illdigestional

My Thoughts and Experiences on My First Time Open-Air Preaching: Denver Pridefest 2015

On Saturday June 20th, 2015 I left with two brothers to Denver for the annual Denver Pridefest. Pridefest is a festival that celebrates, what has come to be known as, the LGBTQ movement. Thousands of people file in to this festival to celebrate their sexual choices and attend conferences, march in a parade, and participate in other celebrations. After the Lord had been working on … Continue reading My Thoughts and Experiences on My First Time Open-Air Preaching: Denver Pridefest 2015

The Necessity of Disobedience

It has been clearly demonstrated throughout human history that without God, objective morality cannot exist. This is typically accepted by new Atheists, and often times they are comfortable believing not only in subjective morality, but in majority morality. There are two positions that can be attempted to espouse without God: Morality is innate. Morality is determined by society. Many Christians have defended against these claims … Continue reading The Necessity of Disobedience

What the Abortion Debate Tells Us about Apologetics

For the longest time, the abortion debate had been centered around whether a fetus is a human being or not. It is both politically and morally logical that humans have the right to life. Thus, if the object of abortion is a human being, it should not be legal. The pro-choice movement’s argument was centered around the idea that fetus’ are no more than tissue … Continue reading What the Abortion Debate Tells Us about Apologetics

Why Cry Over Children When You Can Cry Over Chickens?

  In case you’re unable to watch the video: a woman named Kelly walks into a restraunt and demands everyone’s attention. She then begins to speak of “having a little girl” named Snow who had been abused her entire life. She then drops the ball that this little girl is actually a pet chicken. She proceeds to shame everyone there for eating meat, and tells … Continue reading Why Cry Over Children When You Can Cry Over Chickens?

Innate Morality?

A common theme for naturalists scrambling to find a justification for the morality they appeal to everyday is to claim that morality is innate within us. A couple examples of many should be sufficient: Christopher Hitchens made this claim to Douglas Wilson and President of the American Atheist orginization, David Silverman, made this claim in a debate about the New Testament with Dr. James White. … Continue reading Innate Morality?