Mormonism, Homosexuality, and Infallible Churches

A CNN article broke out recently informing the world of the LDS church’s,  as they put it,  “monumental shift” on homosexuality. There has been a shift, even on the webpage has a banner indicating that the church has updated its resource list on “gay Mormons.” The new feature of the webpage, (mormonandgay) is a resource and explanation of the Mormon church’s position on being … Continue reading Mormonism, Homosexuality, and Infallible Churches

Revisionism Applied

Many in the day who would seek to distort the Scriptures on the issue of homosexuality do so by adopting a unique and peculiar historical-interpretive method for Scripture. The historical context is no doubt important to interpretation, but it is not alone what is needed. The text itself is still communicating its own message with syntax, grammar, and context. Scripture is able to communicate a message … Continue reading Revisionism Applied

Ya, What He Said

The tide is settling from the Supreme Court decision. My Facebook has less rainbows, and Facebook debates have transitioned to new topics. However, there are still some lingering discussions floating around, and one term has been used a lot: “traditional marriage.” I don’t like the concept. I learned from math class that getting the right answer is most important, but professors also care about how we … Continue reading Ya, What He Said

My Thoughts and Experiences on My First Time Open-Air Preaching: Denver Pridefest 2015

On Saturday June 20th, 2015 I left with two brothers to Denver for the annual Denver Pridefest. Pridefest is a festival that celebrates, what has come to be known as, the LGBTQ movement. Thousands of people file in to this festival to celebrate their sexual choices and attend conferences, march in a parade, and participate in other celebrations. After the Lord had been working on … Continue reading My Thoughts and Experiences on My First Time Open-Air Preaching: Denver Pridefest 2015