Mary Was Not Sinless

Dr. Tony Costa recently debated Dr. Robert Sungenis on the Roman Catholic doctrine known as “Immaculate Conception.” Rome teaches that Mary was not born with sin, and never committed a sin prior to death, an/or prior to her bodily assumption (While all Roman Catholics believe she bodily assumed, some Roman Catholic denominations believe that Mary never died). In the debate, during the Cross-Examination period, Dr. Sungenis … Continue reading Mary Was Not Sinless

Luther and the Apocrypha (20, 21)

This post officially ends the series responding to Twenty One Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura. I will give the main reason at the end of the blog for why I chose to end with these objections. However, I need to be honest and transparent, partly I did this out of laziness. You heard me…laziness. I will admit these were the two objection I was the … Continue reading Luther and the Apocrypha (20, 21)

The Granddaddy of Them All (1)

I decided not to finish the blog post responding to 21 Reasons To Reject Sola Scriptura with the most important one of them all: Does the Bible teach it? I decided in the next and last installment there is room for a stronger finish. Thus, that brings us to the ultimate issue on the protestant side. A seasoned Catholic apologist will make this the number one response … Continue reading The Granddaddy of Them All (1)

Stealing From The Atheist’s Armory (13,14,15)

Thanks for the arguments Bart What a sad state of affairs the Roman apologist has devolved into when he is caught stealing Bart Ehrman’s arguments against the Christian faith. Never once have I heard this argument come from the mouth of a person who believes God has spoken who isn’t also a Muslim (and even for the Muslims it’s inconsistent.) Only God-hating, skeptical atheists and … Continue reading Stealing From The Atheist’s Armory (13,14,15)

Standing on the Word (18, 9)

The last 7 blog posts of Resisting the Winds have been dedicated to responded to the attacks against Sola Scriptura in Joel Peters’ on-line article, 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura. This 8th post is responding to arguments #18 and #9. Objection #18 states:  “The Doctrine of Sola Scriptura Produces Bad Fruit, Namely, Division and Disunity.” Peters begins the argument with his presupposition:  “If the doctrine of Sola Scriptura were true, then … Continue reading Standing on the Word (18, 9)

Interpreting the Interpreter (5, 19)

The issues continue to heat up in the response process to Twenty One Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura. Today the focus is on the idea of fallible beings interpreting infallible information. Argument #5 of the article states, “Scripture itself states that it is insufficient of itself as a teacher, but rather needs an interpreter.” (Much of the beginning of this section in the article deals with … Continue reading Interpreting the Interpreter (5, 19)

Traditions (2)

In continuing to defend against the biblical attacks presented in 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura, the attention is now turned to a very important issue: Tradition. Rome denies the Bible is alone sufficient as a rule of faith for Christian life. The additional standards Rome requires are the Church and her sacred Tradition. The idea of the infallibility of the church will be dealt with … Continue reading Traditions (2)

A Ship with a Rudder (10,6,16)

Three objections will be dealt with together in this blog as they are very similar in nature as we continue responding to 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura.Reason #10 says “The Canon of the Bible was not settled until the 4th Century.” The argument is simple: how could the Bible serve as an ultimate authority when the Church didn’t know what the Bible was for four centuries?The … Continue reading A Ship with a Rudder (10,6,16)

Submit to the Church…Rightly (4)

MisconceptionsIt seems that, when debating the issue of Sola Scriptura, most of the heavy work consists of correcting misconceptions. And the fourth reason to not believe in Sola Scriptura by Joel Peters is exactly that, a misconception. Reason number four in the article states,  “Christ tells us to submit to the Authority of the Church.” And every Bible believing Christian who holds the doctrine of Sola Scriptura dearly … Continue reading Submit to the Church…Rightly (4)