In Defense of Full-Time Vocational Ministry

The Masculinity Craze Biblical masculinity is a big topic in the Reformed stratosphere, or so it seems to me. The last few years I have seen a rising emphasis within the Reformed community on discussing masculinity. There is no shortage of podcasts, blogs, and social media accounts dedicated to addressing a masculinity crisis within the church. I plan to share my thoughts on this trend … Continue reading In Defense of Full-Time Vocational Ministry

Should You Stop Singing These Hymns?

Keep or Toss? Patheos wrote an article of a unique nature. Jonathan Aigner decided to go after hymns, ten of them specifically, and that piece can be read here. In our current worship wars we not only debate the style and volume of music, but the actual songs themselves. We pit hymns against contemporary Christian music. The stereotype is that hymns are rich in theology, … Continue reading Should You Stop Singing These Hymns?

Flinching at the Cross

Taking the Good Out of Good Friday Yesterday was Good Friday 2020. I preached a sermon which is typically in line with what I normally focus on during Good Friday services; Penal Substitutionary Atonement. That phrase might be foreign to you, but if you’re a Christian, the concept is not. Otherwise known as Substitutionary Atonement (SA), it is the doctrine of Christ becoming our sin-bearer. … Continue reading Flinching at the Cross

Should Christians Worship as if They are at the Superbowl?

Superbowl Sunday Thousands of (non-sabbatarian) Christians all over the country have at least two things on their agenda this coming Sunday: Church, and the Superbowl. The Superbowl is one of the most watched sporting events not only in this country, but even around the world. Thousands of Christians will gather for a second time this Sunday to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the … Continue reading Should Christians Worship as if They are at the Superbowl?

CNN Attempts to Manipulate Christian Musicians

CNN recently published quite an interesting article about contemporary Christian music. As a pastor and long-time worship director, a secular news station turning its eye toward the Christian music industry like a woke Sauron had all the trappings of a read I enjoy. It certainly didn’t disappoint. The article can be summarized as CNN’s lame attempt to use Christianity as a means to “blue pill” influential … Continue reading CNN Attempts to Manipulate Christian Musicians

Andy Stanley, the Ten Commandments, and Public Outrage

Those who know me personally, or follow my blog with a degree of religiosity know that I am not a fan of Andy Stanley. I do not support his ministry or recommend his work to Christians. What began as the bad ecclesiology of the seeker-sensitive mega-church movement has evolved into dangerous theological positions, many which have been very controversial of late. Stanley recently found himself in … Continue reading Andy Stanley, the Ten Commandments, and Public Outrage

Merry Christology or Happy Heresy? The God Before Bethlehem

Christology The theological event celebrated at Christmas is the Incarnation, when the Word took on flesh and became in every way human, calling us His brothers. With this, the Word taking on human form, comes the ever important necessity to then understand, from Scripture, what this means. The incarnation is crucial in answering Jesus’ famous question, “who do you say that I am?” We call … Continue reading Merry Christology or Happy Heresy? The God Before Bethlehem

God & Hell

Introduction The concept of hell is a difficult one to talk about. Because it is so difficult and controversial, we rarely like to discuss it, but because we don’t discuss it, we open the doors wide for false ideas and assumptions to creep in unchallenged. I recently watched a video shared on Facebook which involved Christian apologist Frank Turek giving an answer to a student … Continue reading God & Hell

Christianity is a Religion

Bo Hutches is currently serving as an Associate Pastor at Living Water Bible Fellowship in Alamosa, Colorado. Originally from Springfield, CO he made his way to Alamosa to study at Adams State University. While he was pursuing his studies, he began to feel the call to pastoral ministry. Plugging into the college ministry that Living Water offered he continued to pursue this call by stepping … Continue reading Christianity is a Religion

Sacred & Secular

Doctrine and Devotion One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is “Doctrine and Devotion” (Doc & Devo). Lead pastor of Redeemer Fellowship, Joe Thorn, and elder candidate, Jimmy Fowler, put on a great show. They are theologically rich, and hysterical to boot. As a reformed Baptist like them, I agree with them on quite a bit, and I have been sanctified on many theological … Continue reading Sacred & Secular