Muslims and Jesus

There is an article going around my social feeds right now that is very troubling. The article, which can be found here, is titled: Muslims Love Jesus, Too: 6 Things You Didn’t Know about Jesus in Islam.   I did know the things listed in the article. However, this article really is a lie. It’s a sinful lie. The reason this bold claim is brandished over the … Continue reading Muslims and Jesus

Clarifying Thoughts on Tebow

All over my social media news outlets was a story of Tebow being dumped by his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Culpo. The reason Tebow was dumped, allegedly, was because of “lack of sex.” Tebow has allegedly been dumped by a woman for not being willing to sleep with her prior to marriage. Not only was this story being shared by media outlets, but also by private users … Continue reading Clarifying Thoughts on Tebow

A Scandalous Abortion

There are two connotations to the word “silence”, and they are completely opposite each other. Silence can cause anxiety and fear. Horror movies often use this to their advantage. Often times it’s when the music stops, and there is complete silence that something is about to make you jump, and the silence of the scene adds to that effect. Silence can connote sneaky operations. When … Continue reading A Scandalous Abortion

Conversations Worth Having

All debates are actually debates about authority. Any argument that is not dealing with the “by what standard?” question is a surface-level debate. The heart of Christian apologetics then is not only to realize that Jesus and His Word (the Bible) are the necessary preconditions for all intelligibility, but it also recognizes other’s presuppositions and attacks them. Provided are two reasons which sum up why not … Continue reading Conversations Worth Having

Bernie’s Two Cows

Look out, a new set of analogies is on the rise. Their purpose has been to simplify Government philosophies, and help explain to people what different kinds of governments do. Through a farming analogy of cow-selling, it has grown popular to try and defend Socialism. This is because Bernie Sanders has outed himself as a Socialist, and now Democrats who have had to keep their … Continue reading Bernie’s Two Cows

Singleness Part II

Opposites are opposites.Yes, that’s a tautology. However, tautologies have the merit of being true. Opposites are opposites, and because of that reality in which live, we are forced to recognize that entertaining two contradictory ideas becomes, what we call in English, “contradictory”. Opposites exist, and so do contradictions. Sin can’t also be righteousness at the same time in the same way. The universe can’t exist and not exist at the … Continue reading Singleness Part II