CNN Attempts to Manipulate Christian Musicians

CNN recently published quite an interesting article about contemporary Christian music. As a pastor and long-time worship director, a secular news station turning its eye toward the Christian music industry like a woke Sauron had all the trappings of a read I enjoy. It certainly didn’t disappoint. The article can be summarized as CNN’s lame attempt to use Christianity as a means to “blue pill” influential … Continue reading CNN Attempts to Manipulate Christian Musicians

Avengers: Endgame & Church Membership (contains spoilers)

Avengers: Endgame broke the box office these last couple weeks, becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time. Given its massive popularity, I felt the need to write this review. However, I am going to address this movie differently than I have reviewed the other Marvel movies. I am partly doing this because there is not much new to report. The movie was … Continue reading Avengers: Endgame & Church Membership (contains spoilers)

A “Christian Minister” Denies All Christian Doctrine

The New York Times is no bastion of conservative, Christian journalism, and they set out to reinforce that Easter 2019. Nicholas Kristof published an opinion article interviewing Serene Jones about the resurrection of Jesus.   Below I walk through the interview point-by-point, but in case you don’t have the patience for that, I decided to front load this blog with what would usually come at the … Continue reading A “Christian Minister” Denies All Christian Doctrine

Matt Walsh and Predestination

Facts don’t care about your feelings. That is the tagline made popular by Ben Shapiro, a well-known political analyst. He is Jewish (religiously and ethnically), and is very conservative politically. Shapiro heads up The Daily Wire, an organization filled with helpful political commentary from a conservative perspective. One of his more recent hires was an already famous blogger, Matt Walsh. Walsh is like Shapiro. Not a … Continue reading Matt Walsh and Predestination

Church as We’ve Always Known It: Lessons to Fox News from the Reformation

Church is Dead Church as we know it is over. Church is dead. That summarizes the introductory paragraph of an article submitted by Fox News which has been making some rounds in the social media universe. In Nietzsche-esque fashion, David Adamson announces a new vision for local churches in America. Nothing about the article suggests Adamson does not love the Lord or His church. That is … Continue reading Church as We’ve Always Known It: Lessons to Fox News from the Reformation

Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Be warned: There will be spoilers in this review, although they will be mild. Proceed with caution. I saw the new Marvel movie, and it was about as expected. Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Good: Entertainment Value The movie was entertaining at the grass root. The costume and makeup was good, and the CGI was phenomenal. In fact, it was … Continue reading Movie Review: Captain Marvel

TULIP(S): Why I Believe in a Sovereign Decree

Recently, I was talking to some brothers in Christ about Calvinism. Through our conversations it was clear that their primary rejection of Calvinism as they know it was due to the concept of what we Calvinists call God’s decree. In other words, they had some basic understanding of how, in Calvinism, God has decided what happens in history, and given all the evil and suffering … Continue reading TULIP(S): Why I Believe in a Sovereign Decree


 Spirit of Unbelief Every generation and culture has a spirit of unbelief, but the manifestation of unbelief in every generation does not always look the same. There different ways to go about the business of rejecting Christ and His Word. There are plenty of non-Christians in North Korea, but their unbelief is of a different variety than Saudi Arabia, which also has a plenty of … Continue reading #blackwordsmatter