Jesus DOES Offer You Your Best Life Now

The “prosperity gospel” has been a contagion slowly infecting much of the nation, and many places around the world, for over a decade now. I add the quotation marks for many reasons. First of all, it offers only the leaders of the movements prosperity. The masses get ripped off and grow poorer. So it is false advertisement as it offers no one prosperity of any … Continue reading Jesus DOES Offer You Your Best Life Now

Adding Atrocity to Atrocities

There are two kinds of nations who love the shedding of innocent blood. There are nations whose people do this regularly and habitually, in spite of the prohibitions against such behavior, and then there is a whole different kind of nation. One which sheds innocent blood with legislative approval. A nation that regularly murders the innocent is wicked and deserves judgment. However, there is still … Continue reading Adding Atrocity to Atrocities

Balaam on the Nashville Statement

Balaam in the Old Testament is not admirable for many reasons. As a pagan who practiced divination, he is most notably known for enticing the Israelites to sin (Numbers 31:16). John’s commentary on him, in Revelation 2:14, states that Balaam “taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel, so that they might eat food sacrificed to idols and practice sexual immorality.” … Continue reading Balaam on the Nashville Statement

Humbled by Harvey

Al Mohler released some haunting statistics about the flooding situation in Houston due to Hurricane Harvey. Quoting from the Washington Post, Mohler put the rainfall into perspective, as the sheer statistics are hard to comprehend. Nine-trillion gallons have fallen over that city, and 20 trillion is expected. Just the nine trillion dumped thus far would fill The Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake city…twice. Or maybe … Continue reading Humbled by Harvey

Take Down the Statues

I am not a history buff. Read that as a confession, not an assertion. I am not proud of this. If I have learned one thing as of late, it is the importance of knowing history. Whether it is personal history, church history, national history, or world history, knowledge of the past is more important than I used to recognize. This severe lack proficiency in … Continue reading Take Down the Statues

The Origin of Hatred

It doesn’t take much to impress a crowd in today’s America. Secularism is a truly vacuous cult. This is on full display in a former President’s anthropomorphic blunder becoming an avalanche down the social media mountain side. Obama, in response to all of the Charlottesville chaos, Tweeted this: A hackneyed rallying cry captioned under a multi-ethnic photographic is apparently the only means to comity today. … Continue reading The Origin of Hatred

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Why I Believe in Perseverance of the Saints

Perseverance of the Saints This is the final post of the T.U.L.I.P. series. The final letter stands for Perseverance of the Saints (PS). Sometimes referred to as Eternal Security, PS teaches that a person who has genuinely been saved cannot lose that salvation. Those who are saved have eternal life; it is not something they still may not receive. This doctrine is very much a … Continue reading Why I Believe in Perseverance of the Saints

Why I Believe in Irresistible Grace

The next stop in our TULIP series is the “I” of TULIP, Irresistible Grace. The general concept of this doctrine essentially is that when God desires someone to be saved, He will save them. Although God has an elect people, a people who are elected before the foundations of the earth, the elect are not born believing, justified Christians. They are elect, but they are … Continue reading Why I Believe in Irresistible Grace

Government Bigger than Your Uterus

A much anticipated event just occurred at the annual Politicon gathering. Political commentators Ben Shapiro and Cenk Uyger debated each other for the first time. Both analysts are very well admired within their respective political wings, and very disliked among the other. Both have very influential platforms, and so the debate was lively, with around 3,000 people in attendance. As these Politicon debates typically go, … Continue reading Government Bigger than Your Uterus

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Why I Believe In Limited Atonement

This is the third blog in my T.U.L.I.P. series. I am only briefly skimming the very controversial and complicated doctrines of the reformed acronym. My intention is that they would serve as an introduction, not that they would be the presentations to end all debates. However, I do believe the doctrines expressed in the acronym are thoroughly and clearly biblical, and would like to lay … Continue reading Why I Believe In Limited Atonement