National Freethought Day

Today (October 12th, 2018) marks another strange holiday in a country that loves to invent new holidays. Today is National Freethought Day, and it is not to be confused with National Freethinkers Day, which is in January.  (That seems a tad redundant. I guess we not only need a national day of prayer, but a national day of prayers too, but I digress.) The website … Continue reading National Freethought Day

External link to My Conversation with Jim the Atheist

My Conversation with Jim the Atheist

It’s been a while since I have had an extended dialogue with an Atheist. I wanted to share one I recently had in the comment section of my most recent post. I share it for a couple reasons. It remained civil. We were at times blunt, but conversations of this nature require that. Certainly, much of Jesus’ language falls into a similar category. However, given Jim’s … Continue reading My Conversation with Jim the Atheist

The God Delusion: Why I Am a Presuppositionalist

The only way to condemn one natural instinct, and condone another natural instinct, is to have a standard which transcends natural instincts. Dawkins’ worldview cannot provide that. Thus, as he shuffles through the mixed-bag of human tendencies, he arbitrarily puts some of them in the bucket marked “moral” and arbitrarily puts others in the bucket marked “evil”, when his worldview demands he needs to simply take the whole bag. Continue reading The God Delusion: Why I Am a Presuppositionalist

The God Delusion: The God Necessity

Chapter 2 of Dawkins book is inflammatory and offensive, but in his defense he warned his readers at the tail end of the previous chapter. “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; […]

Continue reading The God Delusion: The God Necessity

Textbook Atheism

Ricky Gervais is a man known for more than just his acting and comedic talent, he is also very well known for his atheism. He was invited on to another unbeliever’s later night talk show, Steven Colbert, to discuss and defend his atheism. Gervais repeated most of the surface level atheist mantras. Colbert first brought up the cosmological argument, and Gervais completely sidestepped. It is an … Continue reading Textbook Atheism

Slick with Secularism

Before he passed, Christopher Hitchens was my favorite Atheist. I say this because he was courageous and honest. Unlike Richard Dawkins, Hitchens was willing to defend his views publicly. And when it came to Christians, he was not only willing to be outnumbered, but he was willing to go up against one of our best. Not only was he fearless enough to be outnumbered and to meet our best … Continue reading Slick with Secularism


In at least two of his debates, Dan Barker has attempted to refute the presuppositonalist challenge to his worldview that it cannot account for the unchanging, immaterial, universal logical laws that govern the debate itself. He makes this claim against Rev. Joe boot here. He again makes it in his debate with Dr. James White here. I think he may even make it in this debate here.  The … Continue reading Illdigestional

Why Cry Over Children When You Can Cry Over Chickens?

  In case you’re unable to watch the video: a woman named Kelly walks into a restraunt and demands everyone’s attention. She then begins to speak of “having a little girl” named Snow who had been abused her entire life. She then drops the ball that this little girl is actually a pet chicken. She proceeds to shame everyone there for eating meat, and tells … Continue reading Why Cry Over Children When You Can Cry Over Chickens?