Matt Walsh and Predestination

Facts don’t care about your feelings. That is the tagline made popular by Ben Shapiro, a well-known political analyst. He is Jewish (religiously and ethnically), and is very conservative politically. Shapiro heads up The Daily Wire, an organization filled with helpful political commentary from a conservative perspective. One of his more recent hires was an already famous blogger, Matt Walsh. Walsh is like Shapiro. Not a … Continue reading Matt Walsh and Predestination

Andy Stanley, the Ten Commandments, and Public Outrage

Those who know me personally, or follow my blog with a degree of religiosity know that I am not a fan of Andy Stanley. I do not support his ministry or recommend his work to Christians. What began as the bad ecclesiology of the seeker-sensitive mega-church movement has evolved into dangerous theological positions, many which have been very controversial of late. Stanley recently found himself in … Continue reading Andy Stanley, the Ten Commandments, and Public Outrage

Ben Shapiro and Baseless Politics

Ben Shapiro is a journalist, political commentator, and by almost every standard, a very brilliant man. He is a well-educated and intelligent man. He is very bold and brave in that he is willing to publicly debate issues, and he is correct about many things. However, Ben Shapiro is a Jew, not just by blood, but he seems to believe in Jewish, religious thought. This … Continue reading Ben Shapiro and Baseless Politics