Responding to Supernatural Part II: Free Will

Introduction: It is imperative one reads the first blog of this series prior to continuing in order to understand my heart and purpose. In that blog responding to Heiser’s book, I covered the issue of sovereignty (God’s decree and plan.) In this blog, I will focus on the other issue Dr. Heiser regularly brought up: free will. The Bondage of the Will: In the debate … Continue reading Responding to Supernatural Part II: Free Will

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Why I Believe in Total Depravity

I have always been extremely hesitant to write about Calvinism. Not because of any persecution complex or victim-hood mentality, but I am hesitant because I serve an assembly of the Lord that has many people, staff included, who are not Calvinists. I never want my brothers and sisters in the Lord within the local assembly, which I too am a member of, to feel ostracized … Continue reading Why I Believe in Total Depravity

Transgendered Human Nature

If who a person is finds its definition by said person, and there are no rules to this, and this can change arbitrarily, then what we have have accomplished is not a grid for understanding human nature, but the demolition of human nature. In other words, human beings do not have a nature at all; nothing is intrinsic to human beings. There is essentially no meaningful way to define or understand what and who mankind. After all, we just can’t with labels…. Continue reading Transgendered Human Nature

Original Sin and Psalm 51

I recently engaged some Mormon missionaries, and one of the many topics covered was the topic of original sin. Original sin is and always has been a universally accepted orthodox Christian doctrine. The extent of original sin is debated. For example, brothers in Christ who fall into the Arminian camp do not perceive original sin to be as damaging and controlling as other brothers in … Continue reading Original Sin and Psalm 51