Flinching at the Cross

Taking the Good Out of Good Friday Yesterday was Good Friday 2020. I preached a sermon which is typically in line with what I normally focus on during Good Friday services; Penal Substitutionary Atonement. That phrase might be foreign to you, but if you’re a Christian, the concept is not. Otherwise known as Substitutionary Atonement (SA), it is the doctrine of Christ becoming our sin-bearer. … Continue reading Flinching at the Cross

Christianity is a Religion

Bo Hutches is currently serving as an Associate Pastor at Living Water Bible Fellowship in Alamosa, Colorado. Originally from Springfield, CO he made his way to Alamosa to study at Adams State University. While he was pursuing his studies, he began to feel the call to pastoral ministry. Plugging into the college ministry that Living Water offered he continued to pursue this call by stepping … Continue reading Christianity is a Religion

Religion is Not a Bad Word

Years ago, Jefferson Bethke released a spoken-word poetic video on YouTube titled Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus. The video went viral. It currently has over 30 million views. That’s 30 million. And that doesn’t include views from other YouTube pages that re-posted the same video. It would not be insane to assume the video has been viewed over 50 million times. The video … Continue reading Religion is Not a Bad Word