Responding to Supernatural Part II: Free Will

Introduction: It is imperative one reads the first blog of this series prior to continuing in order to understand my heart and purpose. In that blog responding to Heiser’s book, I covered the issue of sovereignty (God’s decree and plan.) In this blog, I will focus on the other issue Dr. Heiser regularly brought up: free will. The Bondage of the Will: In the debate … Continue reading Responding to Supernatural Part II: Free Will

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Why I Believe in Total Depravity

I have always been extremely hesitant to write about Calvinism. Not because of any persecution complex or victim-hood mentality, but I am hesitant because I serve an assembly of the Lord that has many people, staff included, who are not Calvinists. I never want my brothers and sisters in the Lord within the local assembly, which I too am a member of, to feel ostracized … Continue reading Why I Believe in Total Depravity

Free-Will Destroys Free-Will

A must read for all Calvinists is the book “No Place for Sovereignty” by R.K. McGregor Wright. It is one of the best reads on reformed theology I have read thus far, even considering The Potter’s Freedom by Dr. White. In his book, Wright demonstrates a fundamental flaw with Arminianism’s idea of free-will, and how it actually destroys the very concept it tries to protect. … Continue reading Free-Will Destroys Free-Will