The Veil of Ignorance

Dogma Debate Recently, Justin Brierley had a debate with David Smalley on Smalley’s radio podcast show, Dogma Debate. The two were debating the existence of God as argued for in Brierley’s new book. Brierley comes from a very different perspective than I do in terms of theology and apologetics, and thus, the vast majority of his answers went in directions different than I would have … Continue reading The Veil of Ignorance

Dueling Monologues on Sexual Purity

Premier Christian Radio is a well-known radio station in the UK. One of their most popular segments, Unbelievable?, hosts many debates. In a recent debate, Dianna E. Anderson and Sara Long debated the issue of whether or not Christians ought to save sex for marriage. Diana defends the negative, while Sara maintain the affirmative. The debate can be heard here. In classic Unbelievable fashion, the debate was not allowed … Continue reading Dueling Monologues on Sexual Purity